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Helping Those Affected by the Hurricane

Hurricane Florence made landfall in eastern North Carolina about two weeks ago.  We in the Raleigh area were very fortunate to not be in the direct path of the storm, although we very well could have been. Resuming life as we know it has been fairly painless.  Because of this, it can be easy to take for granted our relative safety in comparison to our... Read Article

FAQ’s and Info to Keep on Hand in Case of Hurricane Damage

Hello Everyone.  We have had many calls from clients wanting to know about how their insurance policy works with hurricane damage.  Here are some common questions we have reviewed: Am I covered for hurricanes?  The answer is you are insured for most of the perils that are created by hurricanes.  Typical perils we expect to encounter are wind damage, damage from falling trees, water intrusion... Read Article

Getting Compensated for Diminished Value After a Car Accident

You are probably aware that if someone causes an accident that damages your car, their insurance will pay to fix your vehicle. However, you may not know that you could be entitled to an additional payment to cover the diminished value of your car. Diminished value refers to a vehicle's lower re-sell value due to prior accident damage. In other words, when trading in your... Read Article

Umbrella Policy: The Best Deal in Insurance

Last year, I served jury duty in a case that involved a person who was injured in a car accident. Given the extent of the injuries, the man who caused the accident was ordered to pay $400,000 to the injured party. I later found out that his auto insurance liability coverage was capped at $250,000, so he was responsible for paying an additional $150,000 out... Read Article