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Helping Those Affected by the Hurricane

Hurricane Florence made landfall in eastern North Carolina about two weeks ago.  We in the Raleigh area were very fortunate to not be in the direct path of the storm, although we very well could have been. Resuming life as we know it has been fairly painless.  Because of this, it can be easy to take for granted our relative safety in comparison to our close neighbors to the south and east.  The videos and photos of the storm have been shocking, but they still do not do justice to the devastation across our state. Florence was a slow moving hurricane that dumped incredible amounts of rainfall in many areas, resulting in record flooding.  We are still uncertain of just how many lives have been severely impacted.

As an insurance agent, it is my job to deal with clients that lose cars, homes, and even family members due to natural disaster.  Although it is hard for me to fathom experiencing such a loss, I see how these life-changing events can be extremely difficult to recover from, regardless of one’s financial situation. Insurance is a great way to plan for natural disasters, but when a storm like Florence brings unprecedented damage, no policy can provide the immediate needs to those affected. 

Many of our clients have expressed an interest in helping, but have been frustrated trying to navigate all of the charities that have been set up to provide relief.   In case you would like to lend a helping hand, here is a link to a News & Observer article that lists various ways to volunteer and donate.   

We at G. Suggs Insurance thank you for any help you are able to provide on behalf of those affected by Hurricane Florence.

Take care, and as always, be safe!


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