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January’s Slippery Roads Don’t Have to Mean Slippery Car Insurance Rates

auto insurance, car insurance, first accident forgivenessThe weather in January often produces wet, slick roads which are the perfect formula for an accident. It only takes a second for you to hit those brakes and then slide into another vehicle, and that accident is often followed by increased auto insurance rates.

Auto insurance can be a huge expense depending on the type of vehicle, age of vehicle and the state in which you live. One way to help bring down the price of your auto insurance in the case of rate increases after an accident, is first accident forgiveness for our Raleigh auto insurance customers.

Getting into a car accident is a frightening experience that can bring thousands of dollars in property damage, as well as the cost of hospital or doctor’s bills for injuries. An accident with injuries can also raise the at-fault drivers auto insurance costs tremendously unless they have added first accident forgiveness in their car insurance choices.

What is First Accident Forgiveness?

First accident forgiveness means that a driver’s auto insurance rates would not increase if they had an at-fault accident and have the option of first accident forgiveness included in their auto insurance policy. This option doesn’t raise the premiums for Raleigh auto insurance customers, but could actually save the driver thousands of dollars should they be involved in an accident they caused. Our customer’s auto insurance rates would not increase due to their first at-fault accident.

First accident forgiveness is an option for Raleigh auto insurance customers on their regular auto insurance coverage. If you are interested in this coverage, then the first step is to talk to your auto insurance agent and see how simple it is to add on the coverage. Depending on your auto insurance company, sometimes the coverage goes into effect immediately, while others may have a waiting period.

Is First Accident Forgiveness Worth the Extra Costs?

You may wonder if first accident forgiveness coverage is actually worth the price, especially if you are a good driver with no accidents or other incidents on your driving record. The answer to this question is that it depends on how much extra the first accident forgiveness coverage adds to your insurance costs, how soon it goes into effect, and what the odds are that you could be in an at-fault accident while paying for this coverage.

If you consider yourself to be a very careful driver, you may decide not to purchase car insurance offering first accident forgiveness, but you never know what could happen. Anyone can have a lapse of judgment or a sudden problem that could cause them to be in an at-fault auto accident.

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