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What to Expect When Opening a Restaurant

restaurant insuranceEveryone tells you that they love your BBQ and that you should open a restaurant.  The idea appeals to you, but you don’t know a thing about where to start.  Here is a list of articles that will give you a reality check about what is involved in opening that restaurant whether it is a fine dining facility or a fast food joint.  After reading these articles you will head into the process of opening a restaurant with your eyes wide open.

7 Reasons Opening a Restaurant Should Scare You

“So here is a model of business steps you should go through determine whether you should take this risk of going to the poor house for chasing your dream, or not.”

Everything You Need To Know To Open Your Own Restaurant

“Thinking about taking the plunge?  We’ve gathered the best data available to help you.”

5 Tips To Opening A Restaurant. As In, 5 Reasons You Should Not Open A Restaurant

“Perhaps many of you have entertained the thought of opening your own restaurant. But whether or not the restaurant gods are smiling on you, there is a rugged, Kilimanjaro-esque path for which no book or seminar can prepare you.”

What to Do Before Opening a Restaurant

“Opening a new restaurant can be a risky business venture, but with the right planning, financing and plenty of hard work, it’s definitely doable.”

How to Start a Restaurant

“To help you get started, we’ve compiled this thorough, but easy-to-digest, guide to starting your own food business.”

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